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Here at Calibrite we want to help educate and inspire the creative community.

As creatives ourselves, we understand the need to keep refreshing knowledge and challenging our skills, so we host regular webinars with different professional photographers and filmmakers to share top tips and techniques. View our library of past webinars plus see what’s coming up!

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Digital Masterclass:

Taking great photos of everyday objects or foods is one thing but being able to turn them into something extraordinary is a skill in itself! Scott Choucino invites you into his studio from the comfort of your own home to share his secrets and expertise on how you can take your own extraordinary photos of ordinary, everyday things.

Scott will also talk you through the importance of colour control to ensure you get the correct reproduction of images and the maximum tonal range from your photographs.

Part 1 – The Shoot

Part 2 – Retouching


Digital Masterclass:
One light, three looks

with James Musslewhite

Discover 3 different portrait looks you can create with just a single light with professional portrait photographer James Musselwhite in our 2-part Digital Masterclass. Part One was all about the shoot and in Part Two, James explores photo editing with a focus on colour!

Part 1 – The Shoot

Part 2 – Photo Retouching

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Capturing and Controlling Colour

with Gavin Hoey

In this two-part webinar, Calibrite Ambassador Gavin Hoey will take you through his shooting and editing process with an eye firmly on colour control. From portraits with punchy colours to still life shots, these two sessions are all about making colour control a simple and seamless process.

Watch part one here Watch part two here


Digital Masterclass : Fashion Editorial & Photoshoot

with Joanna Kustra

Discover the creative and practical processes of a fashion editorial photoshoot with Joanna Kustra in our two-part Digital Masterclass. If you want to find out more about Joanna Kustra, her colour grading techniques, and how to organise your own photoshoot, watch the classes here:

Part 1 – The Photoshoot Part 2 – Photo Retouching

© Joanna Kustra 2022

How to shoot tethered food photography with Solli Kanani

Portrait Photographer Glyn Dewis takes on Landscapes

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