Camera Calibration Charts & Software

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ColorChecker Camera Calibration software

Build custom camera profiles using ColorChecker Targets or the ColorChecker Digital SG Target together with either the stand-alone ColorChecker Camera Calibration software or the Adobe Lightroom® Plug-In.

This advanced camera profiling technology provides excellent results with all supported reference targets, producing profiles that work exceptionally well under virtually any lighting condition. Auto-detection will locate the target automatically in your image making the profile creation process even easier. Whether you are shooting with just one camera or multiple cameras, color professionals can easily establish an accurate color foundation and maintain control of their colors.

You will be able to:

ColorChecker Camera Calibration software creates custom color profiles for both Adobe Camera RAW (ACR) and ICC workflows.

The software can be used with any size of the ColorChecker 24 patch charts: Nano, Mini, Passport, Classic, XL or Mega.

Or for superior results you can use the 140 patch ColorChecker SG chart.

Technical Specifications

Operating System Requirements (Mac) Mac OSX 10.13 and above (with latest updates installed)
Operating System Requirements (Windows) Microsoft Windows 7® 32 or 64 bit Microsoft Windows 8® 32 or 64 bit Microsoft Windows 8.1® 32 or 64 bit Microsoft Windows 10® 32 or 64 bit All operating systems should have the latest Service Pack installed
Memory 2 GB (4GB Recommended)
Disk Space 4 GB of available disk space
Display Resolution Monitor resolution 1024 x 768 or higher
Internet Connection Internet connection required for automatic software updates
Languages Supported English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese (Simplified), Japanese

Compatible Software

DNG and ICC Profiles Adobe® Lightroom® 2.0 or newer (Classic or CC)
Adobe® Photoshop® Camera Raw 4.5 or newer
Adobe® Photoshop® CS3 or newer
Adobe® Photoshop® Elements 7 or newer
Adobe® Bridge CS3 or newer
ICC Profiles only Capture One Ver 7 or newer
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