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Supported instruments: ColorChecker Display, ColorChecker Studio, i1Studio (and designer edition), i1Display Studio, ColorMunki Display, ColorMunki Photo and ColorMunki Design.

Before proceeding, please re-install the latest version of ccSTUDIO software as this may resolve your problem.

Latest software versions can be found here

A helpful guide is available that provides users the ideal calibration settings for most monitors, for more information click here.

FAQ Scenario 1

  • I have installed the software on my new PC/Mac and when trying to calibrate, the software just comes back with ‘Device not found’.

  • The software does not seem to recognise the device when it’s plugged into a USB socket.

  • The calibrator is plugged into a USB socket on my PC but the software says ‘device not found’

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FAQ Scenario 2

  • When I open the ccStudio application and try to profile my display, the software displays an error window with the message ‘Failed to find display…’

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FAQ Scenario 3

  • Monitor calibration hangs when profiling.

  • Monitor calibration just flashes a black and white screen when running a profile.

  • After the software asks me to place the device on the screen and press next. The screen just flashes when checking for automatic display control and does not start profiling.

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FAQ Scenario 4

  • I don’t know which ‘Technology Type’ to use for my display; can you advise which one best for my monitor?

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FAQ Scenario 5

  • When the software prompts to calibrate the ccStudio. I rotate the bezel to the calibration position click calibrate on the screen. The device then calibrates and prompts me to rotate the bezel back to the read position. When I do, the software says ‘device being calibrated’ and the software just hangs with the reading light on or prompts me to recalibrate!

  • After I calibrate the ccStudio and rotate it back to the bottom position the software asks me to calibrate again!

  • The ccStudio won’t calibrate. When rotating the bezel the position on the software does not match up with the bezel position on the device.

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FAQ Scenario 6

  • After profiling my printer with the ccStudio my prints are still not looking like my screen.

  • Even when I use the ‘No Colour Management’ option on my printer driver, my prints are still looking dark and a saturated after profiling my printer.

  • My prints are no better after profiling my printer and I’m sure I have followed all the colour management settings correctly.

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