Calibrite PROFILER

Supported instruments: Calibrite Display SL, Calibrite Display Pro HL, Calibrite Display Plus HL, ColorChecker Display, ColorChecker Display Pro, ColorChecker Display Plus.

Upgraded instruments:  X-Rite Colormunki Display, i1Display Studio, i1Display Pro and i1Display Pro Plus.

Before proceeding, please re-install the latest version of Calibrite PROFILER software, as this may resolve your problem. Download  here.

For more information on ideal monitor calibration settings, click here to read our guide.

FAQ Scenario 1


  • Calibrite PROFILER will not launch, or only shows the pulsating start-up screen.

  • How do I disable the X-Rite or Calibrite background Tray application?


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FAQ Scenario 2


  • Calibrite PROFILER does not show my connected device to be ACTIVE.

  • Calibrite PROFILER is indicating a new device has been found, but when added it does not respond correctly.



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FAQ Scenario 3


  • I don’t know which ‘Technology Type’ to use for my display; can you advise which one best for my monitor?

  • How do I profile to the full P3 gamut of my Apple XDR Mini LED Display?


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FAQ Scenario 4


  • Why are some of the buttons grayed-out and unresponsive?



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FAQ Scenario 5


  • After completing the measurement process and returning to the home screen, Calibrite PROFILER remains in full-screen mode, system menus become unresponsive, and it is not possible to access the computer desktop.



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FAQ Scenario 6


  • After profiling my display, images look great in Photoshop/Lightroom but in Windows Picture viewer or web applications they look oversaturated and dark how do I fix this?



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FAQ Scenario 7


  • What functionality is available in “Demo” mode?



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If you require further help with the software and it is not listed above, please raise a support case

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