Calibrite PROFILER is our new, intuitive, simple-to-use calibration software, for Calibrite calibration devices for all levels of creators. With built-in presets for those new to color management and fully customisable features for the more advanced user, Calibrite PROFILER makes color optimization easy for everyone, enabling anyone to get their color right!

We are continually developing and investing in our software, with the first phase being monitor profiling software. In the near future, our well-regarded printer, camera and projector profiling will be refreshed and integrated with Calibrite PROFILER.

Available for Mac and Windows. See full Technical Specifications here.


Measurement In Progress

Intuitive, feature-rich software

Calibrite PROFILER is our newly developed software built using the latest technologies and X-Rite’s colour science. Providing consistency over both Mac and Windows platforms, our software allows easy upgrades to keep up-to-date with continual changes to operating systems and display technologies. We continue to develop the software to be at the forefront of colour management.

The redesigned and easy-to-use interface offers a clear, logical workflow for users of all levels. The supporting help text guides you from start to finish.

Even if you are new to colour management, Calibrite PROFILER makes it easy to click and correct in 3 easy steps.

Easy-to-use presets for different types of users

Whether you’re a photographer, filmmaker, or designer, you can select dedicated presets to make your calibration process quick and easy. You can also create and save your own presets, making future calibrations even quicker.


Tailored and customizable presets for photography and simulated print work.


Five customizable presets designed for video, supporting high-brightness displays when using a ColorChecker Display Pro / Display Plus.

Content Creators:

If you’re a content creator, easily switch between the photo and video presets.

Standard Controls

You can start your calibration using a preset and then tailor it using standard controls such as Luminance and White Point, quickly creating your ideal profile.



Advanced Controls

For advanced users who need complete control, you can fully customize settings such as White Point, Luminance, Contrast Ratio and Gamma, including setting the number of patches to read and the option to add patches from your images.

Profile and Preset Manager

Manage all the presets and profiles you have created with the Profile and Preset Manager. These can be imported and exported for sharing with other Calibrite PROFILER users, and you can also delete any presets or profiles you no longer need.


Before and After

You can review the colours on your display before and after calibration using the images included in the software, or even add your own.


Take control with advanced utilities

  • Ensure your monitor is consistent across the whole display with Monitor Uniformity. A grid of 3×3 covers your entire display, dividing it into nine measurable sections, with results for each showing how consistent your display is.
  • Check your monitor is still accurate by performing a Monitor Quick Check.
  • For a more detailed check,  perform a Monitor Validation, using industry-standard color patches that are output onto your display, measured and comparative results reported.
  • Calibrate and match multiple displays giving you confidence your colors are consistent across them all.

Demo Mode

Download the software now and try it in Demo Mode, even without a device. See for yourself how intuitive and feature-rich the software is.

Built using X-Rite’s industry-leading color science technology.
The original in color management.

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