Brand Ambassador GAVIN HOEY

Gavin Hoey is a freelance photographer, Olympus UK ambassador, and trainer of all things photography. Primarily focusing on photography education, Gavin started out writing for magazines such as Practical Photography and Digital Photo which eventually led him to make video tutorials for magazine cover discs.
Gavin was an early YouTube adopter, creating a popular photography training channel before joining forces with the New York camera store, Adorama in 2012. He is now the most-watched presenter on Adorama TV, where his videos focus on the art of lighting and portraits.
Gavin’s tutorials are either shot on location or more typically, at his small home in Sussex, UK. Nine years on, he is still creating at least one video tutorial for Adorama TV every other week and the channel has passed the 1 million subscriber milestone and is still climbing!

Why is color management important to your workflow?

Simple. If you don’t have consistency in your colors, how can you produce images tomorrow that feel the same as the ones you made yesterday.

What would you say is your greatest achievement to this day?

It’s probably the ongoing achievement of coming up with new content, new ideas for shoots and new ways of working but without loosing the enjoyment of simply being a photographer.

What is an interesting fact about yourself?

Back in my younger days I built my own darkroom for color printing. In a effort to make it totally light tight (a requirement for color paper at that time) I also accidentally made it air tight. Hot chemicals and a lack of air movement made it a very unpleasant place to work!

What is a top tip for people who aspire to do what you do?

Be consistent and persistent. The best photographers are those who keep producing quality photos year in, year out. That takes time, dedication and plenty of (unseen) failures.


Color consistency is an indispensable part of my work and it probably goes without saying that the tools I use need to be accurate and dependable. Add in the knowledge and experience of the Calibrite team and it’s a winning formula. But ultimately there’s just one simple reason I use X-Rite technology for my photography… It gets the job done without getting in the way of what I love doing.

Gavin Hoey

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