About Calibrite

Who is Calibrite?

Calibrite is dedicated to providing the very best solutions for photographers, filmmakers, designers and content creators who love color and demand the very best tools for their colour-critical workflow.

Calibrite is calibration done right.

We are a group of passionate color professionals who have been working with X-Rite for decades and are now taking their exceptional products and adding a whole new level of education, inspiration and support.

We believe in the power of an expertly color-managed workflow to transform how creative people work. We know that when all the devices in your workflow, from cameras to monitors to printers, are professionally profiled, your editing process gets exponentially more precise, faster and more productive. Most of all, we understand the freedom that follows when all you have to focus on is being your most creative.

Our company name is new, but all our products will now share a very familiar name: ColorChecker

We’ve partnered with X-Rite who will continue as our trusted manufacturer as we look forward to better satisfying the needs of our customers.

Who owns Calibrite?

A group of investors, passionate about the world of photography and filmmaking and with close links to the industry have formed Calibrite.

Why was Calibrite established?

For many years, X-Rite have led the market for color management products in the photo and video industries and have developed a range of products, including color targets and calibration devices. The opportunity arose to establish a company dedicated to this market and an agreement was reached with X-Rite to transition their existing business in this sector to Calibrite.

Will there be any price changes to the current product range?

We do not intend to change pricing on the majority of our products although one or two specific products may see revisions. Like all businesses, Calibrite reserves the right to change product pricing in line with their costs and market demand.

What does this mean for existing users of X-Rite products?

We offer global support for all existing X-Rite photo and video customers and honoring warranties for products previously supplied by X-Rite. We look forward to X-Rite users becoming part of the Calibrite community.

What are your plans for the future?

We license core color technologies from X-Rite, who also manufacture devices and provide materials from their Munsell lab. We are committed to an extensive research and development programme that will result in upgrades and new products covering monitor, printer, camera, scanner and projector calibration. We will continue to partner with X-Rite, working collaboratively with their color scientists to develop solutions that evolve at the speed of today and tomorrow’s technology.

How will Calibrite distribute their products?

Calibrite products are distributed through X-Rite’s existing master distributors in North America and Europe. We hope to maintain relationships with other X-Rite distributors in the Asia-Pacific region and will look to enter into new partnerships for territories that are not currently covered.