The ColorChecker Display Pro is the go-to calibrator for the enthusiast to professional photographers. It accurately calibrates monitors for creatives who demand speed, control and flexibility, essentially helping to make your shots look colour-perfect!

If you’re new to photography and want to know more about the ColorChecker Display Pro and why you need to calibrate, then keep reading!

Do I Really Need to Calibrate?

If accurate colours and incredible results are what you want, then yes, you really do! Capturing the perfect image doesn’t end with the snap of your camera. The real work to fine-tuning your image all happens in the edit, and for that, you’ll need a color calibrated monitor.

When your monitor isn’t color calibrated, you cannot trust what you see when editing your images. You may have used a ColorChecker chart to calibrate your camera, but your results won’t be accurate if you’re editing photos on an uncalibrated display. Therefore, working on a color calibrated display is the only way to trust that the colors on your display are accurate and true.

What’s more, you should calibrate your monitor regularly to remain colour accurate. Depending on usage, you need to be calibrating your monitor monthly to ensure colour accuracy every time. Using a professional quality monitor profiler like the ColorChecker Display Pro will take the guesswork out of color in your workflow.


Is the ColorChecker Display Pro Right for Me?

Calibrite offers a range of calibrators to suit all different photographers and creators. For enthusiasts right through to professional photographers, the Display Pro is the right choice. It’s supported by the leading professional monitor brands, helping to make a seamless workflow.

The software is easy to use for those new to colour management, as you can quickly calibrate your display and create a profile by simply selecting a few options.

For professionals who want to fine-tune their calibration, advanced settings are available. Small, medium and large patch sizes (containing up to 461 colours) allow professional and semi-professional photographers to make a more specific and accurate profile.

What about Calibrite? Should I even get a Calibrite product?

Well, our products use legacy X-Rite technology to power the solutions. This means they’re the original in colour management, and as a brand, we strive to develop and improve as the industries’ needs grow. You may have heard of the X-Rite i1Display Pro; the Calibrite ColorChecker Display Pro is the direct replacement!

We consider ourselves a part of the creative community. We are a group of passionate colour professionals who are dedicated to providing the very best solutions for photographers, filmmakers, designers and content creators who love colour and demand the very best tools for their colour-critical workflow. Most of all, we understand the freedom that follows when all you have to focus on is being your most creative.

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