Sometimes there can be problems calibrating certain displays, if you are having issues getting a good profile, follow the instructions below that take you through the settings and options to obtain the best possible profile for your monitor.


Initially reset your monitor back to factory defaults – There is usually a setting in the ‘on screen menu’ (OSD). The OSD can usually be accessed by pressing the menu buttons on the front of the monitor. It is always a good idea to familiarise yourself with the settings available through the monitors on OSD, as it will be used whenever you profile the monitor.


If the monitor has a color temperature setting in the OSD set it to 6500K (D65).


Connect your device to the computer.


Start the Calibrite Profiler software and in the Profile my section select ‘Advanced’ in the drop-down under the Monitor icon. Then click Next.


Select the monitor you wish to profile and select the correct technology type in the drop-down.


In the Match to section select the Photo preset. This will then fill the top Progress and Review bar with all the ideal settings for display profiling for a photographic workflow.

  • Depending on the device you are using, these settings can be easily customised by selecting the icon in the progress and review bar at the top of the screen. If you change any of these settings, you can save it as a custom preset before running the profile.


Click ‘Next’.


If you are happy with the settings, you can either save the custom preset you have created or click Start Measurement.


Once you have clicked on Start Measurement just tick the brightness in the Hardware Controls options.


Now follow the instructions to place the device correctly on the screen.


This will then run the profile. Initially it will prompt you to adjust the brightness of the screen set it to the correct brightness using the monitors OSD.

  • Just make sure that the monitor’s OSD is not under the measuring device as it will give incorrect readings. There is usually an OSD setting to move the window away from the centre of the screen. Once set, click Next, it will profile your screen.


Click Next and click the Start Measurement button.


Once the measurements have been made the device can be removed from the screen and you can visually review the measured colors.


Click Next and you can save the profile and assess the profile using the before/after, profile information and 3D volume.

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