Brand Ambassador SANJAY JOGIA

‘Eye Jogia’ is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning photography studio that has been featured as one of the World’s 6 Best Wedding Photographers by the global ‘Professional Photographer’ magazine. Sanjay is the only Wedding Ambassador by Canon UK representing the EMEA region, as well as being a global Brand Ambassador for Fundy Software, Tether Tools, Loupedeck, Canson Infinity, Eizo, Spiffy Gear, and more.
Together, Sanjay and his wife Roshni, established ‘Eye Jogia Photography’, a successful luxury destination wedding photography studio based in Harrow on the Hill – but Sanjay’s self-taught love of photography started at school by developing his own style and approach from a young age with his father’s film Canon AE-1 camera. As a child, he wanted to be a Photographer, an Architect and a Car Designer. He has accomplished 2 out of 3… and as for cars, he loves F1, and driving (and owning) fast cars.

Why is color management important to your workflow?

Color management is not only an integral part of my workflow and overall discipline, but also of my style and photographic identity. Color management must be implemented and understood from capture with the intention to print at the highest quality at the end of the process. This involves an accurate digital post production process in between.

What would you say is your greatest achievement to this day?

Gaining the trust of so many Brides and Grooms with my imagery, my professionalism and my approach to photography, as well as Being recognized by so many incredible and industry leading brands like Canon, Canson, Eizo, X-Rite, Dreambooks Pro, Fundy Designer; Loupedeck as an Ambassador.

What is an interesting fact about yourself?

I am also a Qualified Architect and I worked in the Kodak Factory as a student manufacturing film.

What is a top tip for people who aspire to do what you do?

Understand your equipment. Understand what it’s capable of and why it was designed for its intended use. If you can grasp this and make it second nature, then you’re free to be as creative as you want.


I’m honored and excited to be a part of the Calibrite family! Having worked with X-Rite for so many years to help educate fellow photographers on the importance of integrating color management in the various staged of the digital workflow from capture to print.
Thus I am thrilled to be on this new phase of the journey with Calibrite to help our industry evolve even further.

Sanjay Jogia

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