Brand Ambassador PIOTR WERNER

Having been a professional photographer for over 13 years, Piotr now specializes in fashion and portrait photography, as well as shooting advertising campaigns. Alongside this, he hosts photography workshops and conducts individual training. Piotr has received multiple awards for his work and has been published in several well-known magazines worldwide. Inspired by color, Piotr likes to create images that have plenty of character.

Why is color management important to your workflow?

Color management is extremely important, not only during commercial sessions. Properly selected colors make the photos unique. Properly reproduced colors are even more important. No customer would like to receive photos of their products with inaccurate colors. This tiny bit which color management brings might be a difference between good and great photography.

What would you say is your greatest achievement to this day?

I think my greatest achievement in photography is that I still have a lot of energy and willingness to take pictures. I had publications in well-known magazines, took photos for the largest companies in Poland, won awards at the best international competitions, wrote a book for photographers, but the desire to be better and better at what I love after 13 years is my greatest success today.

How did you get to where you are now?

The place where I am right now is a result of my constant desire to develop and the fact that I cannot live without taking pictures. A lot of ideas are constantly swirling in my head, which I hope will surprise my viewers more than once. After many photographic ups and downs, I wouldn’t trade being a photographer for anything else in the world.

What is a top tip for people who aspire to do what you do?

Never give up and keep going to make your dreams come true. As long as you love what you do, there is nothing to stop you from being among the best.


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