Brand Ambassador MATT HILL

Matt is an upstate New York-based photographer, artist and educator. His passion for night photography is eclipsed only by his urge to share this knowledge and to continue to hone his skills. He’s very forward about the fact that he rarely shoots photos during the day. Starting in his teens, Matt has been a night photographer for over 25 years. His pursuit of time-bending long-exposure photography has been long-lasting and relentless. Formally educated as a studio photographer, Matt blends a technical approach with a single creative question… “what if?”. His passion for combining applied and ambient lighting in moon- or star-lit scenes keeps him up very late at night. Matt is also a cut paper artist. He combines night to photograph and paper art into his project Night Paper, which synthesizes paper fashions with long exposure portraits at night and the human form. Matt is also an avid content creator and filmmaker. He has edited a feature film, created stop-motion, hundreds of live streams and educational videos, short and long-form. He has been a marketing director at two prestigious companies in the photo industry over a 25-year career, MAC Group and B&H/Gradus Group.
Growing up in the Adirondacks infused a love for wilderness in Matt. He carried this through to being a co-founder and partner at National Parks at Night (NPAN). Along with his founding partners, their educational program allows them to promote the conservation of precious lands via making art and explore wild spaces with people who also care passionately about dark skies. For Matt, this is a dream come true. All of these experiences inform his practice of night photography and fuel his urge to create, teach and share.

Why is color management important to your workflow?

Without color management, I would lack the confidence to show my work as being the truest form I can present. Colors and values are just as I desire them to be because I employ color management. Furthermore, when I teach, I optimize the process by profiling and calibrating the projectors and monitors. It’s essential when helping others to learn the craft of post-processing to start from the best possible neutral truth a display can offer.

What would you say is your greatest achievement to this day?

Light painting a canyon 800 feet below me with a group of students.

What is an interesting fact about yourself?

I rarely make a photograph in daylight.

What is a top tip for people who aspire to do what you do?

Find a friend who also likes to photograph at night and try it for 30 nights in a row. Observe the differences in moon phases and how that affects your ability to make a good exposure at night.


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