Marianna Santoni is an authority in the digital imaging field and a worldwide acclaimed Photoshop® expert. She is among some of the only experts in the world with the highest number of official recognitions received from professional digital imaging brands and the highest governmental bodies.
For almost 20 years, Marianna has been an educator in-demand, where she helped many photographers get the most out of their photography, from shooting to post-production and printing. Her classes and advisories are direct and to the point and help many professionals, companies, and enthusiasts to achieve their best in photography, post-production, photo retouch, and printing.
Marianna’s entire method is strictly based on non-destructive techniques that she implements, improves, and then teaches. She has a distinctive style, with an emphasis on color balance and natural results, no matter if the picture is about a war reportage or a model’s skin. She also knows every method of printing inside out, from offset to fine art.
Marianna has lectured at 15 different universities and institutes, including the Sorbonne Université in Paris. She is the author of more than 70 publications, including the first two official Italian Guides for Adobe Lightroom®, commissioned by Adobe®.
Her skills are recognized and supported by the most important international digital imaging brands; since 2004, she has held over 1000 assignments as a photographer, retoucher, public speaker, author, advisor, and researcher for brands such as Adobe®, Canon®, Canson®, EIZO®, Elinchrom®, Epson®, Fujifilm®, Gucci®, Hasselblad®, HP®, Microsoft®, National Geographic®, Nikon®, Roland®, Ryan Air®, Sony®, Sony Music®, Wacom® and X-Rite®. She is also a forensic photography advisor for many government organizations, including the Italian Army.
She is the founder of Marianna Santoni Srl, a leading company in Italy for advanced training about Photoshop® and digital photography that has over 1.500 live training events to its credit and gathers attendees from over 16 different countries all over the world. Many worldwide renowned photographers and artists attend her classes regularly. Her company is also a national center of excellence for photography and post-production services.
If that wasn’t enough, she has also been a judge in many national and international photography contests, including SIPA – Siena International Photo Awards and Wiki Loves Monuments (Wikipedia®).

Why is color management important to your workflow?

Colour management is at the heart of everything I do. Without the right colour management workflow, all my efforts are wasted.
No matter how well I try to take a picture, post-produce it with the utmost care or use the best equipment. All this will be in vain.

Only by following proper colour management I can work smoothly, without surprises and with full confidence in the results I will get on the monitor or in the prints.

What would you say is your greatest achievement to this day?

I have received many official awards in my career, but what counts most for me today is the esteem and trust my team and my customers have for me.
It is never easy to find the right people to work with, people who can make you grow every single day, people with whom you can work very hard but never stop laughing and playing.
This means a lot to me.

What is an interesting fact about yourself?

I’m seen as a survivor. It’s fantastic and for me it’s an ode to life.
I have survived several earthquakes, such as the one in Japan in 2011, a conman who robbed me, an emergency landing and a burning train car.

And I survived a malignant tumour discovered when it was already in its third stage.
Despite the trials I endured, I chose not to back down. I chose to defend my dreams and my happiness. I learned to pursue courage. In the end, life is an opportunity and should be cherished.

What is a top tip for people who aspire to do what you do?

I think that studying is the most important aspect if you want to achieve great results in something.

However, for anyone trying to get serious about photography and post-production it is nowadays very easy to get lost in a myriad of different techniques, approaches, tutorials, and effects.
So my most valuable advice to anyone who wants to do my job is to carefully choose sources from which to study and always test everything you learn.
The number of followers on social media is often overestimated: they indicate good marketing skills, but do not guarantee good skills.



I totally trust Calibrite’s heritage, expertise and products.
Thanks to these products, the colours in my photos are always exactly how I want them: true to reality or accurate to my imagination and creativity.

Marianna Santoni

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