Brand Ambassador ALAN SHAPIRO

Alan grew up on the creative side of the advertising world, working with clients around the world; telling their unique stories in very unique ways.
Along the way, he had the pleasure of working with many, many talented photographers, directors and content creators. He became envious of their art and craft. At first, he saw it as a means of reducing his stress-filled life. As a Chief Creative Officer at the world’s largest Advertising Agency Network, he needed a distraction. A friend gave him a camera. Then he bought another. And then another. His new hobby and daily “creative exercise regimen” quickly turned into a joy-filled and all-consuming passion. Then, his first photo client called. Then another. And then, many more.
His work can be seen throughout the entire hospital set on ABC’s The Good Doctor, in the launch campaigns for the Apple iPhone as well as Cadillac, OnStar, Lockheed Martin, Scholastic and numerous others. His work fills entire walls in Bose stores and Ritz Carlton Hotels worldwide in addition to hanging in numerous private and corporate art collections. His macro, food and still life work can be seen in countless editorial publications as well as featured on products from housewares to clothing to puzzles.
As much as Alan loves creating images, he genuinely loves to teach; sharing his workflow from capture through post-processing and printing. He is a super high-energy instructor with a knack for getting people out of their comfort zone as well as helping them discover and capture beautifully simple things in beautifully unexpected ways.
Alan is the author of Moments in the Monochrome Garden, Another Day, and Beautiful Walls (To Bang Your Head Against). His fourth book, Trippin’ in the Garden on Miracle-Gro will be out eventually but Alan is currently dealing with an acute case of perfection paralysis.

Why is color management important to your workflow?

Whether I am working with clients or for myself, I don’t have time to waste. Ensuring the color I capture in camera is accurately represented across all the devices in my workflow is essential so that I know that what I am editing is what I will be sharing or printing. I consistently profile my laptop, desktop and my favorite printer/paper combinations so that I don’t worry and have plenty of time to focus on the creative stuff that brings me so much joy.

What would you say is your greatest achievement to this day?

I am really proud of the work I’ve done with Apple Computer and GM but my success as a teacher is what brings me the most joy. Being able to share, to be inspiring and to be helpful after an incredible lifetime of creativity is such a beautiful gift to pay forward. It is what I am most grateful for.

What is an interesting fact about yourself?

I wouldn’t walk in the grass barefoot until I was 3.
I always sing when I am taking pictures. Always.
I am color blind.

What is a top tip for people who aspire to do what you do?

Don’t do what I do. Become known for what you want to do and then focus all your energy on bringing your vision to the world.


Want to know why you need to color manage all the devices in your workflow? Think about walking into an appliance store to shop for TVs. You see a wall of them and the color and detail is different on every one of them? Now imagine you have to edit across them.

Alan Shapiro

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